On the Appropriate Use of Statistics in Ecology: an interview with Ben Bolker

Uma excelente entrevista sobre os usos e abusos da estatística por ecólogos! Vai bem na linha do que venho falando há tempos.

Ecology Students' Society

Conducted on 30th June 2015 in CES, IISc.

Ben Bolker talks about learning statistics, common statistical mistakes which people make, statistical machismo, softwares and R, statistical philosophies, and his favourite papers and textbooks.
Hari Sridhar: I don’t think it would be wrong to say that most biologists dislike mathematics. At least in India, I known many people who chose biology in college to run away from mathematics. Ironically, if later on one wants to become a biologist, especially an ecologist, there is no getting away from mathematics and statistics. What would you say to such people – how can they develop a liking for numbers?

Ben Bolker: I think a good starting point is data visualisation. Looking at your data visually is fun and intuitive and a much better place to begin than by turning some abstract crank till the numbers pop out. Learning tools for visualising your data leads…

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