Academic etiquette: Tips on conducting yourself at an academic conference

Um excelente post sobre etiqueta em congresso, na mesma onda de um post que publiquei aqui em 2013! Recomendo fortemente a leitura. Atenção ao mapa mental proposto pela autora.

Dani Rabaiotti

An ongoing theme has emerged from the last few conferences I have attended, and a number of conversations I have had with fellow academics on Twitter. A lot of people don’t seem to be getting the most out of their experience at conferences because they do not know how to ask good questions (or they choose not to!), and often, they end up being disrespectful, patronising or sometimes even downright offensive in the process. This can also prevent those on the receiving end from getting the most out of their conference experience, as it can be pretty miserable! This isn’t a huge surprise – I mean, no-one is ever really ‘taught’ about good engagement at conferences. As many academics seemed to have similar experiences, I teamed up with Jeff Clements (@biolumiJEFFence) to share experiences and put together the following guide (you can find the sister version over at…

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