Diminuindo as frustrações com prazos na pós-graduação

A saúde mental é um dos temas mais debatidos na Academia atualmente. Vamos conversar um pouco sobre como sobreviver a pressões na pós-graduação e na carreira de cientista.

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12 guidelines for surviving science…

“Talk to people because they are nice, not because they are good. “

Fear and Loathing in Academia

I turn 40 in tomorrow and I’ve more or less been 100% devoted to physics since I was 20 (2nd year uni). It’s been a journey with some highs and a couple of very serious lows. Motivated by this recent excellent post on self-care & overwork in academia, I spent some time looking back and thinking about what would I go back and tell my 20 year old self (aside from get your B.Sc. and then go get a real job, one with good prospects & good money) or others at the same stage, e.g., the 2nd year lab students I taught this year. Some are things I’ve learned and managed to incorporate, some are things that I still fail at despite repeated attempts…

1. Put up walls: Despite having an excellent role model for this over much of my career, I still haven’t learned to put up walls to keep…

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