Um cientista pode ser religioso?

A ciência e a religião têm um conflito histórico entre si. Mas será que elas não poderiam conviver pacificamente, pelo menos dentro de uma pessoa?

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On the salutary effect of the Kudos Email

A gratidão tem um poder maior do que a gente imagina. Expresse-a sem medo!

The Kaspari Lab

If you like someone’s work, don’t just cite them, write them!

We scientists are hard on ourselves. We obsessively check and recheck our data. We expose our nascent manuscripts to the keen scrutiny of co-authors, mentors, and anonymous peer review. Most of the time, the reviews are critical. Sometimes they are downright unkind. Ultimately, we hope, our revised manuscript pasts muster. Then we get to enjoy the scrutiny of a copy-editor and in the process discover typos that have survived, unscathed, through the gauntlet. Little wonder that on publication our feeling is mostly relief, rarely joy.

Why do we do it? As scientists, we constantly court criticism because it helps us to find our errors. I rarely read a review that is not in some way constructive, if only in the sense of “I need to communicate this better”. (1) And in any creative endeavor, discovering our failures, large and small, improves our work in…

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