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Yes, statistical errors are slowing down scientific progress!

Uma excelente discussão sobre o esqueleto que temos escondido dentro do armário na Ecologia!

theoretical ecology

Over at dynamic ecology,  Jeremy Fox argues that

Technical statistical mistakes are overrated; ecologists (especially students) worry too much about them. Individually and collectively, technical statistical mistakes hardly ever appreciably slow the progress of entire subfields or sub-subfields. And fixing them rarely meaningfully accelerates progress.

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Don’t agree? Try this exercise: name the most important purely technical statistical mistake in ecological history. And make the case that it seriously held back scientific progress.

I would argue that nothing could be further from the truth. It’s actually no challenge at all to point out massive statistical problems that slow down progress in ecology, and not only because of this, but also simply because using inappropriate methods “is the wrong thing to do” for a scientist, I very much hope that students worry about this topic. Let me give a few examples

p-hacking and researcher degrees of freedom

Statistical errors must not always…

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